Best Tankless Gas Water Heaters

Is it good to buy a tankless gas water heater? Are they worth the money?

You may ponder these points if you plan to replace your conventional water heater with a technologically advanced compact gadget. Tankless gas water heaters are useful gadgets that have made our life more comfortable. They take less space, use less energy and offer reliable performance than old conventional water heaters with tanks.

As there is no tank, so there are no chances of running out of water. These water heaters ensure the continuous and endless supply of hot water at a minimal cost of energy.

Before you make a purchase, consider a few factors to make it worth it. For example, the output capacity of residential tankless water heaters varies between 5 GPM to 11 GPM. It is also recommended to buy a water heater by a well-reputed brand compatible with your home’s plumbing mechanism.

This article entails reviewing the ten best tankless gas water heaters and provides in-depth details of their features. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the best tankless gas heater for your home.

10 Best Tankless Gas Water Heaters

Rinnai V65IN Check Price
Rinnai V65EN Check Price
Eccotemp i12-NG Check Price
Rinnai RU160iP Check Price
Rinnai RL75eN Check Price
Camplux CM264-NG Check Price
Takagi T-H3-DV-N Check Price
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#1. Rinnai V65IN  – Top Rated Tankless Gas Water Heater

Rinnai V65IN, a Japanese-made tankless water heater system, is one of the most reliable, adjustable, and energy-efficient indoor tankless water heaters that provides you with 6.5 gallons of hot water per minute. V65IN tankless water heaters are an ideal solution for smart and mid-sized homes.

Measuring only 13.9 x 8.8 x 23.6 inches, this compact-sized tankless water heater fits in any part of your home. It comes with the company’s default temperature setting at 120-degrees. However, with the temperature control knob, you can increase the temperature up to 140-degrees.

An instant or on-demand gas water heater has a quick heating process and starts delivering warm water within 40 seconds. It can be installed at any point in-home, for up to four fixtures-thanks to its impressive 6.5 gallons/min capacity.

As it provides 6.5 gallons per minute, it is recommended to install it near the kitchen or bathroom for fast delivery. With a minimum BTU input of 10,300 and maximum BTUs input of 150,000, this water heater system promises efficient, consistent, and fast performance.

It has a quick and straightforward installation process. You can quickly fix everything just by following the instructions provided in the user manual. It is an energy star rated product, which means it will not put an extra burden on your electricity and gas bills.

Another fantastic feature is that it is a non-hazardous indoor product. It meets the NOx emission standard of the state of California and Texas. Moreover, it has a temperature lock to prevent accidental temperature changes during operation.

The water heater also features the in-built leakage prevention mechanism, which automatically shuts off the heater if any leakage is detected. These two features make this system the safest gas indoor water heating system.

All in all, Rinnai V65IN provides a continuous and flexible water supply for four outlets at a reasonable cost of energy. Its low NOx emission, temperature lock, leakage protection, anti-frost protection, and energy efficiency help it stand out as one of the best tankless gas water heaters for mid-size homes.

  • Compact size
  • Energy star rated
  • Temperature lock & leakage control
  • Constant and adjustable warm water supply
  • No hard water solution
  • No temperature adjustment for each faucet

#2. Rinnai V65EN – Best Rated Tankless Gas Water Heater

Rinnai is one of the well-trusted, best tankless water heater brands based in Japan. They have been manufacturing reliable and energy-efficient home appliances for decades. This is one of their most reliable products, aimed at providing you with constant comfort and output with minimal energy cost.

The most impressive feature of this gas water heater is its compact and space-saving design. Weighing only 47 pounds, the unit is extremely portable and fits at any place in your home. It’s an instant or on-demand type of water heater that provides you with a quick warm water supply at a rate of 6.5 gallons/min.

This heater ensures a continuous, adjustable, and reliable water supply of up to 3 faucets, as it works on 100,000 BTUs per hour. The most loved and appreciated feature of this product is its higher energy efficiency. Rinnai has introduced the ThermaCric360 technology in this tankless water heater.

Therefore, it has an energy factor of 0.82; this tankless water heater consumes small amounts of energy without compromising performance and efficiency. Moreover, it has a quick and easy installation procedure. Detailed and intuitive instructions are given in the user’s manual for installation and use.

Remember, this is an outdoor tankless water heater system and should be installed only at your home’s outdoor locations. It also features a temperature lock for accidental change prevention, making it one of the safest gas appliances.

Moreover, it is a certified low NOx emission appliance that meets the California and Texas air quality standards. This feature makes it a highly eco-friendly and non-hazardous home appliance.

Altogether, Rinnai V65EN is an energy-efficient water heater with a supply rate of 6.5 gallons/min is ideal for medium to large families. Moreover, its low energy consumption, flawless performance, and low NOx emission help it stand out as one of the best tankless gas water heaters.

  • Energy-efficient
  • Sufficient supply-6.5 gallons/min
  • Easy to install
  • Low NOx emission
  • Temperature lock
  • Not suitable for hard water
  • Only for outdoor

#3. Eccotemp i12-NG – Best On-Demand Gas Water Heater

If you are looking for the best tankless gas water heater for a small home, vacation cottage, or smaller huts, Eccotemp i1-NG is the ultimate choice for you. It’s a compact and lightweight unit with a capacity of 0.6 to 4 GPM, ideal for small families and individual use.

It’s a compact unit that easily fits at any outdoor location of your home. It is recommended to install it near the point of use, to ensure the quick water supply. The unit can provide a flawless supply of warm water for up to the faucet or fixtures. If you try to connect more fixtures, you may often end up running out of warm water.

Instead of a metal body, which often heats up, it features a tampered glass front sealing, making it a lightweight and safe gas appliance for home-use. Moreover, it has an LED temperature display and digital temperature control. You need to set the required temperature on the panel, and it can do the rest of the job itself.

Another fantastic thing about this gas water heater system is that it comes with its ½-inch NPT fitting and horizontal venting, which aids in quick and straightforward installation. However, professional installation is recommended for this gas water heater at a maximum input of up to 80,000 BTUs.

Despite its continuous and flawless water supply, the heater uses only 1.7 amp during operation, which means it won’t put an extra burden on your electricity bills. A temperature rise of 40 degrees is observed when working at four gallon-min and around 77-degree rise when working at 1.4 gallons/min.

All things considered, Eccotemp i12-NG features a compact and sleek design, with a stylish processed glass front panel. It is a portable instant tankless water heater that promises a flawless warm water supply for smaller households, small rooms, cabins, and individual cottages.

  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • LED temperature display
  • Automatic temperature control
  • ½ NPT fitting and horizontal vent
  • Limited for small households

#4. Rinnai Indoor RU160iP – Best Indoor Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai RU-160iP is another indoor propane gas indoor water heater with an outstanding 9GPM supply rate. It is an ideal solution for middle to large households that need a supply of hot water simultaneously at various fixtures at home.

The most standout feature of this indoor water heater is its recirculating technology. It is equipped with a Cric-Logic recirculating system that recirculates the hot water in your home’s plumbing line and ensures the provision of a hot water supply every time.

Many water heaters fail to recirculate the hot water in homes, where return lines are missing in the plumbing mechanism. However, this is a unique technology that uses a pump mechanism and recirculates the water in homes without a dedicated return plumbing line.

Remember, you need to attach an external pump, as it does not include any pump in the package. Moreover, it is an energy-star rated product with an impressive energy factor of 0.92. The higher the energy factor, the more efficient is your water heater.

This means this water heater system provides maximum hot water per unit of fuel consumed, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for residential customers. Furthermore, this water heater offers wifi connectivity so that you can control, manage and monitor its operation from a distance.

The heater belongs to Rinnai’s SENSEI series of water heaters. These water heaters use advanced heating technology based on fiber mesh premix burner and stainless steel heat exchanger. These efficient internal parts and systems guarantee long-lasting and reliable performance for many years.

Last but not least, you will love its simple, quick, and straightforward installation process. It features the most flexible venting options and is compatible with concentric, direct, and standard venting. A professional installation is recommended because it has a BTU rating between 15000 to 160,000.

In short, if you are looking for a highly efficient instant propane water heater for a large home, Rinnai RU-160iP is the ultimate choice. It is a highly efficient tankless indoor water heater, with an impressive supply rate of 9 GPM, and can simultaneously provide warm water at various fixtures in your home.

  • 0.92 energy factor
  • Cric-Logic recirculating technology
  • Impressive 9 GPM supply rate
  • Flexible venting opinions
  • Expensive
  • Needs external pump

#5. Rinnai RL75eN – Highest Rated Tankless Gas Water Heater

Rinnai RL75eN is a non-condensing indoor tankless water heater with a supply rate of 7.5 GPM, making it an ideal solution for small to midsize households. It is a compact unit measuring only 14 x 9.3 x 23 inches, which saves a lot of space and fits at any place in your home.

It has an intuitive digital control panel. The digital control panel and LED display present temperature, allowing you to adjust the temperature. It is a highly reliable and secure system that detects and displays error codes of any type. It has an in-built protection mechanism that diagnoses any leakage, scale build-up, and other system faults and gives an error.

The scale-build-up detection and error make it the best tankless gas water heater for hard water. On-time response to these errors will protect the system from long-term and severe damage. The unit also offers Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to monitor, fix and manage this water heater remotely, using a Control-R mobile app.

Moreover, it is an Energy Star certified water heater with an energy factor of 0.82. It is a highly efficient system and offers reliable and long-term performance with a BTU rating between 10,300 to 180,000. The unit is extremely lightweight, only 43 pounds making it highly portable and easy to install.

However, because of high BTUs, manufacturers recommend a professional installation of the unit. It offers both horizontal and vertical options, giving you the flexibility to mount it with a wall or roof, depending upon the space available in your home. Moreover, its maintenance is also effortless and straightforward, thanks to its isolation valves.

To conlude, Renni RL75eN is one of the best tankless gas water heaters that guarantees an endless supply of hard water at up to four fixtures simultaneously in your home. Moreover, its high energy factor, straightforward and intuitive control panel and built-in fault-detection system make it an efficient natural gas tankless water heater.

  • Energy-efficient model
  • WifI and Control-R options
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Supports indoor installation
  • No hard water solution
  • Professional installations are required

#6. Camplux Natural Gas Residential Tankless Water Heater

Camplux is a reliable outdoor appliance series of well-reputed Brand JAL group. They have been manufacturing reliable and efficient tankless gas water heater systems for 15 years. This is a compact, energy-efficient, and reliable water heater by Camplux, with a supply rate of 2.64 GPM.

It means it is the best tankless gas water heater for small homes, individual residences, vacation cottages, and cabins. It has a colorful digital temperature display and easy-to-use temperature control knobs. This intuitive display and well-labeled control knobs make the temperature adjustment a real breeze.

Camplux water heater is a specialized product for outdoor usage and camping. Therefore it is powered by 2 “D” cell batteries, making it useful for remote or off-grid areas where electricity is not available. It also offers flexibility for fuel use. For example, you can pair it with a gas tank of 20-100 lb capacity and a low-pressure propane gas regulator to use propane gas as a fuel.

It can work at 68000 BTUs at low-pressure gas of up to 0.4 psi, which guarantees impressive and reliable outdoor performance. Another feature that helps it stand out as the best water heater for outdoor use is its compatibility with modified water systems. You can pair it with a 12V water pump to make it compatible with a modified water system.

It has a thermal efficiency of 88.5%, so it’s a cost-effective water heating solution for smaller households. The system has in-built flame failure protection, anti-frost protection, airflow pressure switch, and overheat protection that ensures the safety or residential use of this heater.

Furthermore, it comes with ½ inch ready to install NPT fittings, that aids in quick and straightforward installation. Camplux tankless gas water heater system is a compact unit dedicated to providing instant and on-demand hot water supply at camping sites and outdoor locations. Moreover, it is an inexpensive water heater for small households, cabin, and individual use.

  • Best for outdoor use
  • 88.5% thermal efficiency
  • Compact and portable design
  • Digital control panel
  • Limited for only one-fixture
  • It does Not work above 2000 ft altitude

#7. Takagi Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Takagi natural gas tankless water heater has an impressive output of 10 gallons/min making it the best water heater for large homes. Moreover, it is a highly energy-efficient unit with a built-in safety mechanism, making it the most reliable and cost-effective residential water heating solution.

The most impressive feature is its large volume output. With a 10 GPM output rate, this water heater can provide continuous warm water at up to 6 fixtures at a large household without any delay. It also features an easy-link control for a quick link with four units without a dedicated multi-unit controller.

However, if you want to add more units, you can pair them with a multi-unit controller. Another standout feature of the unit is its commercial-grade heating technology. Unlike inexpensive water heaters, it uses commercial-grade copper tubing as the heat exchanger, which promises more efficient heat transfer and a secondary stainless steel heat exchanger to prevent corrosion.

With a gas input of up to 199,000 BTUs, it can be used at an altitude of 10,000 ft. It has an efficient recirculation system that ensures a continuous and flawless supply of hot water. There’s only a minimal temperature drop of around 2 degrees under heavy use.

In addition to stable performance, this unit also comes packed with useful safety features. It gives error diagnostic codes, troubleshooting, overheat management systems, and anti-Freeze and surge protection. It is a powerful system that is not limited to residential use and can also be used for commercial applications.

Furthermore, it complies with environmental protection standards for Lead and NOx emission, making it an eco-friendly residential and commercial device. Its amazing output capacity of 10 GPM, maximum efficiency, and in-built safety features help it stand out as the most reliable gas water heater for commercial and residential use.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use
  • Low NOx emission and lead-free
  • 0.92 energy factor
  • In-built protective features
  • Expensive

#8. Rinnai Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Here is a review of another outstanding Rinnai tankless water heater system. You might be wondering why so many products from Rinnai? This is because it is the best tankless water heater brand that has produced quality tankless water heater systems since the 1950s.

It is another remarkable tankless water heater with 9.8 GPM output and gas input 199,000 BTUs at max. With this amazing output power, this tankless water heater can handle multiple showers, faucets, and fixtures in large households simultaneously.

Despite its immense power and huge output, this is an ideal option for people looking for a cost-effective giant water heater. It has an energy factor rating of 0.92 and uses a quick ignition system to save the maximum energy possible.

It has an intuitive digital control panel with highly reachable and straightforward controls. Moreover, it also supports WiFi connectivity so that you can manage, monitor, and control this unit from a distance via your smartphone.

It complies with all the air quality standards of ultra-low NOx emission and other greenhouse gases. The dimensions of this water heater are 34 x 14.5 x 22 inches and weigh around 83 pounds. It features a sleek design and compact design considering its power and capacity.

However, it is recommended to install this considerably heavy unit on a sturdy wall. Unlike typical residential water heaters, it is compatible with large 0.75-inch NPT fittings instead of 0.5-inch NPT fitting. Considering its BTU rating, weight, and NPT fittings, commercial installation and maintenance are highly recommended.

In essence, Rinnai RUC98iN is a highly efficient, powerful tankless gas water heater for large homes and commercial settings. Moreover, it has a high uniform energy factor of 0.92 and low greenhouse gas emissions, making it the most reliable and cost-effective tankless water heater.

  • Ideal for large homes
  • Complies with air quality standards
  • WiFi control
  • Straightforward control panel
  • Expensive
  • Requires professional maintenance & installation

#9. Noritz Indoor Condensing Direct Tankless Hot Water Heater

Noritz indoor condensing type tankless water heater is a suitable option for small to midsize households. It ensures an endless hot water stream at up to three fixtures in the home with its 6.5 GPM output.

It’s a compact and lightweight unit of fewer than 40 lbs and takes minimal space indoors. The best part of this water heater is its flexible installation and venting options. It works with PVC, PP, and CPVC pipes and various terminators and adapters making it one of the most customizable water heaters.

It is an energy-star rated product with a uniform energy factor of 0.92. Therefore, it uses electrical and fuel energy efficiently, making it an overall cost-effective water heating system for midsize households.

It has an in-built leakage protection mechanism, which minimizes water wastage during operation and prevents any internal damage. The system is highly efficient, with a gas input rating between 120,000 BTUs for ½ inch NPT fittings.

Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly unit with minimum NOx and greenhouse emissions. The only downside of this tankless water heater is that it is a bit overpriced and costs more than comparably sized tankless water heaters.

So, if you are looking for a compact and seek indoor tankless water system with maximum efficiency and low NOx emission, this is a suitable option for you. With its 6.5 GPM output and impressive efficiency, this unit is one of the best tankless gas water heaters for a family of five.

  • Maximum efficiency
  • 0.91 energy factor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Flexible venting options
  • A bit expensive

#10. Camplux Pro Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

If you hunt for the best tankless water heater for outdoor use, Camplux has a fantastic option for you. This is one of their best natural gas water heaters, with compact size, sleek design, and maximum efficiency.

This compact unit has an impressive output of 6.86 gallons/min and a BTUs rating of 180,000 per hour. This means it can provide you with an endless supply of warm water at up to 3 fixtures in your home. It features a continuous temperature function, which ensures an uninterrupted and reliable hot water supply.

The best part of this water heater is that it uses a technologically advanced combustion and heating system. Therefore it has an in-built ani-frost and overheating mechanism, making it the safest indoor gas appliance.

It has an adjustable temperature range between 37 degrees to 60 degrees, and the operating pressure ranges between 0.22 psi and 0.38 psi. Camplux Pro has a straightforward digital control panel with reachable and intuitive controls. It also includes a remote control with 3.3 feet cable for management and adjustment from a distance.

The unit is easy to install and doesn’t need additional venting. Moreover, this product offers a limited warranty of one year. The only downside of this water heater is that it doesn’t work at an altitude above 2000 ft.

Lastly, Camplux Pro is one of the best natural gas tankless water heaters for outdoor use. It has a continuous heating function that guarantees an uninterrupted and quick supply of hot water at 6.8 gallons/minute.

  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • In-built safety features
  • It doesn’t work above 2000 ft

Wrapping Up

We can safely conclude that tankless gas water heaters are the most efficient and useful home appliances, making our lives easier at a reasonable cost of energy. Their energy efficiency, in-built safety mechanism, and continuous hot water supply make them the ultimate choice for residential and commercial customers.

Our top three favorites from the list are:

It is highly recommended to carefully read the user’s manual instructions before installation to ensure your safety. Most tankless gas water heaters with high BTU ratings require professional installation for electrical and gas safety.

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