Benefits Of a Bottleless Water Dispenser

What difference does a bottleless water dispenser make to your life? The answer might shock you.

In our busy lives, we want convenient options for ourselves. However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about the environment or the results being imposed by the said product. But it is because we do not have the time to sit and ponder to come up with better solutions.

One such thing is replacing our Bottled Water Dispensers with Bottleless Water Dispensers, the better suitable, environmentally sustainable option. Does the average Joe ask that if he is getting the same product, warm or cold water, then what does it matter? But it does.

This article will walk you through a brief overview of bottleless water dispenser that includes every aspect related to it.

Benefits Of A Bottleless Water Dispenser For Your Office

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Your office is a place of great concern for you. You spend the better part of the day there and create space for the people who work for you. It’s a hub of ideas and opportunities. The only way to ensure efficient performance is to make the place as suitable as possible for its sole purpose. 

Now, no one guarantees that a bottleless dispenser will bring big turnovers of profits, but its role is unique. Employees will have access to clean, fresh, cold, or warm water. However, they prefer their arm’s length. They will have a place to converse while pouring warm water into their mugs, which contain coffee grounds. It will brew the coffee and teas and friendships and a sense of homely environment, which will give birth to loyalty and a sense of belonging.

Why Switch To Bottle Less?

Going bottleless is also the way to go if you are looking for cost-effective and environment-friendly options without spending additional bucks on sustainable alternatives. There are no more bottles to change, no more oversized vehicles bringing in those bottles and burning fuel toxic to the environment. 

Also, a bottleless water dispenser proves to be quite economical. For all you will have to care about is just the annual servicing. An oh! the refrigeration time as well, if you are too desperate. Who knows?

In contrast, bottled dispensers are a regular investment; you have to purchase new bottles every two weeks. So why worry about it the whole time when you can get over with it in one go?

Also, there are chances that the mineral water vendors use the same city supply water in the same packaging. You end up worrying and trying to diagnose the reason for your sudden food poisoning when it’s right in front of you—the bottled water.

Bottleless Water Vs Bottled Water Dispenser

Bottleless Water Vs Bottled Water Dispenser

There is not much difference between bottleless water and bottled water dispensers, as they have the same energy expenditure. The bottled water dispenser can be moved from place to place, and bottleless water needs to be installed. Both have the same functions when it comes to cooling or heating. So it’s safe to say that the result of both the dispensers is the same.

However, bottleless is the way to go as it requires less effort, no changing bottles, and no extra money. Besides, with less consumption of bottles, you’re also contributing to environmental safety.  Both dispensers need annual cleaning, so one could not use this as an excuse that the Bottle-less would require cleaning. 

Pros & Cons of a Bottleless Water Dispenser and Its uses in Workplace

A bottleless dispenser might seem like a long stretch or “too costly” initially for the average buyer who is already accustomed to his way of life. However, even if old habits are tough to change, progressiveness is what defines us as humans. So with some pros and cons mentioned, I hope to provide you with a suitable alternative the next time you go shopping for your daily needs in these challenging times.


  • In terms of cost-effectiveness, bottled water dispensers might seem like an obvious choice to any sensible buyer. However, the long-term value that a bottleless water dispenser provides is unmatchable by any bottled dispenser out there.
  • Both for a home and office lifestyle, the constant managing of water bottle replacements and giving money for the water bottle delivery in question could prove taxing to any homeowner or ambition business owner.
  • Besides the financial and handling stuff, bottleless water dispensers are more likely to help quench your “Save the world” eco-friendly ambition. Bottles used in bottle dispensers usually end up in a landfill somewhere along the lines when its owners find it to be lacking for their purposes. 
  • The environmental cost of bringing these big boys to various homes would also serve to harm eco-helpers ambition even further. With that said, bottle-less entirely skips over this issue through the 100% real workaround of not using a bottle at all!
  • The accessibility and ease of use of a bottleless water cooler are also something to take note of. Aside from regular cleaning and changing filters, it requires almost no other additional maintenance. It also doesn’t need bottles. Besides it taking space equivalent to a small table, you could reserve yourself space you previously assigned to the numerous bottles for something else. 
  • The convenience of having a water dispenser at your house or office doesn’t just stop there. In addition to connecting water dispenser directly to your water plumbing, you can also control and adjust the water supply for your home or office. The ability for controlled and unlimited water supply (provided with adequate water supply) is only a feature limited to bottleless water dispensers. You find otherwise unavailable in almost any of its other competitors in the market!
  • Strictly speaking of an office environment, most employees usually forget to bring water bottles with them. The effect on their mood can prove very damaging. Especially, if it’s in a controlled environment such as an office, and may even hamper work progress substantially. Still, by installing a water dispenser, your unmotivated workforce can enjoy cold water at their convenience. It might even be encouraged to perform better for their “oh so caring employer.”
  • Aside from the obligation to provide a better environment for their workers, an employer can expect a better attendance rate for their workers by providing adequate hydration to your employees. Hydration can cure a lot of otherwise troubling diseases by nibbling at the bud of the problem. 
  • It can help fix a person’s digestion, cure skin problems, and fix joint and muscle pains, which would otherwise hurt the employee, as they work in a fixed posture. Not everyone can do that. Can they?

Of course, it’s not to say that it also doesn’t come with its fair share of disadvantages, but you would be surprised to know that the pros far exceed the cons.


  • As previously mentioned, the up-front cost might seem a stretch for the average consumer. Still, it is effortlessly overshadowed the upfront cost or, at the very least, provide you with a choice the next time you do come across one.
  • Besides the price, the only other issue with it is the noise the dispenser makes when it is performing its duties. However, most of the time, the noise is practically drowned out by the environmental surrounding. It could only ever serve as a nuisance if you sleep next to it in a quiet room, which is, well, madness. Sorry if it seems personal 😉


A bottleless water dispenser is not only an innovation but a feature-packed product that is well suited for the price and leaves its competitors in the dust!

No matter what you, as a consumer, choose for yourself, it is apparent what the better option is as it has several more benefits along with a clean product, freshwater.

Both will give you fresh water, but one is a more sustainable option. You would feel at peace, knowing that you have reduced your annual carbon print without making substantial lifestyle changes. Which, alternatively, would require a lot of money for organic and sustainable options.

The results are just as good as the original. You might no longer have doubts about the purity of water at all, as filters ensure them, easing down a person’s worries with trust issues regarding packaged bottled water. Someone can fill it from the city line, who knows? Health is a privilege and priority, and if one has the sources to select the right option, then why not? I would highly recommend investing your hard-earned money in this product. After all, it’s all about ease when it comes to innovation!

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